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型号:HR-605手动烫金机(八向) NO:TR-605 Manual gilding press (eight-direction) ●本机适用于鞋底、橡胶、皮带皮革制品表面的烫金,可烫印文字、商标、花纹等。 ●具有自动送纸结构,可根据烫印大小调节每次送纸长度,避免了烫金纸的浪费。 ●使外观更加美观、高档。 ●操作方便、自动化程度高、使用寿命长。 ●是制鞋行业压痕烫金的理想工具。 ●This series of manual stamping machines is applicable to gold stamping on the surface of rubbers and plastics,leather, woods and papers etc,stamping characters, trademarks and patterns etc. ●This series includes automatic paper loading structure,which may regulate paper loading lengths each time according to the stamping area,resulting in avoidance of stamping paper waste. ●The appearances are more beautiful,upgraded. ●Convenient operation ,high automatic degree,long service life. ●Meanwhile , it is an ideal equipment for impressing and stamping in the footwear industry. 技术参数Parameter 型号:Model HR-605(flat-surface) HR-605(eight-direction) 电压:Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 功率:Power 0.36kw 0.36kw 净重:N.W 23kg 23kg 工作板尺寸:Table Area 100×90mm 100×90mm 机械尺寸(长宽高): 530×420×550mm 530×420×550mm